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Village Ordinances

The Village of Shepherd is General Law Village. The General Law Village Act (Public Act 3 of 1895, as amended) serves as the Village Charter. The Act establishes the foundation and framework for the structure of the Village government. Under the authority conveyed to the Village by the General Law Village Act, over the years the Village Council has adopted local ordinances which govern activity in the community. In 2006 the Village completed a codification of ordinances adopted at that time.

Title Chapters
Title I - General Provisions 10.  General Code Construction; General Penalty
Title III - Administration 30.  Election and Appointment Procedures
31.  Budget
32.  Village Organizations
33.  Special Assessments
Title V - Public Works 50.  General Provisions
51.  Village Utility Rates
52.  Cross-Connections
53.  Sewer Services
54.  Garbage, Brush, and Recycling
Title VII - Traffic Code 70.  Traffic Code Adopted
71.  General Regulations
72.  Parking Regulations
73.  Off-road Vehicles
74.  Traffic Schedules
75.  Parking Schedules
Title IX - General Regulations 90.  Animals
91.  Streets and Sidewalks
92.  Fire Prevention; Fireworks
93.  Public Nuisances
94.  Trees, Shrubs, and Plants
95.  Parks and Recreation
96.  Hazardous Spills; Expense Recovery
97.  Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Title XI - Business Regulation 110. Licensing and Miscellaneous
112. Yard Sales
113. Cable Communication Systems
114. Use of Right-of-Way by Telecom Providers
Title XIII - General Offenses 130. Curfew for Minors
131. Disorderly Conduct
Title XV - Land Use 150. Building Regulations
151. Floodplain Management
152. Artificial Ponds, Ditches, and Dikes
153. Land Division
Title XV - Zoning Ordinance 154. Zoning Code

Please note, additional ordinances have been adopted since the 2006 codification. Please contact the Village Office to inquire about any additional amendments since the last codification. The Village is currently in the process of updating the codification to include these ordinances, and hopes to be done in late spring of 2024.