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Address:  251 W. Wright Avenue, Shepherd, MI  48883

Phone:  989-828-5278



Village Council

Village President
The president is the chief executive officer of the Village and shall preside at the meetings of the council. The president is a voting member of the council and shall see that the laws relating to the village and the ordinance and regulations of the council are enforced. The President is elected every four years.
Village President Pro-Tem
The President Pro-Tem is appointed annually by the Village Council. In the absence or disability of the president, the president pro-tempore of the council shall perform the duties of the president.
Five Trustees are elected by the residents of Shepherd to four (4) year staggered terms.

President Mike Degraw

President DeGraw

Pro-Tem Lisa Reynolds

Pro Tem Reynolds

Trustee Lee Coughlin

Trustee Coughlin

Trustee Michelle Davidson

Trustee Davidson

Trustee Valerie Maloney

Trustee Maloney

Trustee Melody Myers

Trustee Myers

Trustee Kent Roth

Trustee Roth

Meeting Schedules

Village Council meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Monday at 7:00 pm at the Village Office located at 251 W Wright Avenue, unless otherwise posted.

Planning Commission - Meets as needed at 7:00 pm at the Shepherd Village Office as posted.  Will be meeting 1 time per quarter.

Zoning Board of Appeals - Meets by request.  Will be meeting 1 time per quarter.

Village & Zoning Ordinance Updates

VILLAGE AND ZONING ORDINANCE'S ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BEING UPDATED! Please contact Village Office for most recent Ordinance Information. The ordinance's are still available to view on the website, but please confirm with the Village Office of any changes.